TRU-SPEC                                              TRU-SPEC                                                   TRU-SPEC

2734005                                                  2767004                                                       276005

койот(кафяво)                                            сиво                                                       пясъчен(бежов)

размери: М ,  L Regular                         размери: M Regular                                    размери:M Regular  , L Regular

Tru-Spec Baselayer Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirt is constructed from no melt, no drip 60/40 cotton nylon CORDURA baselayer jersey knit fabric. The True Spec Base Layer T-Shirt features a FlatLock Construction to reduce friction. The ribbed knit crew neck collar has a double needle cover stitch. The shoulders showcase an offset seam to minimize abrasion and seam stacking. There is no need for bunching and being uncomfortable when you just want to be warm. The double needle cover stitch is also on the sleeves and along the bottom. When you're cold and you need that extra layer, but don't want to be uncomfortable and bulgy, put on the Tru Spec BaseLayer Crew Neck TShirt.