About us

Metalhim Holding JSC is a professional licensed company for import, export and transfer of products related to defense and special production. With its rich history and contacts- the company is established in 1948, and for decades it successfully structured and managed the defense industry of the Republic of Bulgaria. Making deals of special production and engineering of modern, high-tech and eco-friendly products in all the regions of the world. The portfolio of our company features a broad range of self-guided missiles working on the system “start and let go”, anti-aircraft missile complexes, rocket complexes for salvo and aimed fire, conventional weapons, ammunition and armed vehicles. The Executive Director of Metalhim Holding JSC is chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association of the Defense Industry of Bulgaria.

After the year 1989 Metalhim Holding became a private company, dealing solely with trading of special production. In 2000 a daughter company Metalhim BG was established, which was orientated towards the civil production and educating of qualified staff in the defense industry, law enforcement and self-defense. At 2002 the most modern training center for shooting weapons, equipped with a Ukrainian multimedia system, used for training by the Ukrainian Special forces- Berkut and the Russian Spec Ops- Spetsnaz. With our individual approach towards each client, our qualified instructors make every training, workout or just recreational shooting a pleasure.

From the year 2015 Metalhim BG Ltd. made a serious step towards providing a full range of equipment to its clients by becoming official representative of the Italian manufacturer of small arms ammunition Fiocchi.  Our company’s goal is to provide not only the best possible training and education but also equipment from proven brands of the highest and most reliable quality, because from this depends our customers safety and security.