In our academy at Metalhim we are striving to provide a full set of services, courses and all you can learn about weapons. We can start teaching you from the basics all the way up to becoming a professional enthusiast. With us there is only you, the gun and the target.

Metalhim academy every month organizes a course for safety gun handling, which is accepted all over the European Union. That course gives you the right to apply for purchase and license of your own handgun. This course is especially attractive to people who have interest in not only owning a gun but also to get accustomed to the idea of taking care, knowing yours rights and all the obligations which come with owning your personal gun. Also it is suitable to people who are interested in working in the security business.

The course includes:

Theoretical preparation:

  1. Types of light handguns. Classification of the handguns.
  2. Ammunition for handguns
  3. How to store and maintain your gun properly
  4. Stop effect and power of the ammunition
  5. Rules and regulations of safely handling your gun
  6. Technical specifications on different types of guns Such as:

22 cal. - Sig Sauer Mosquito, Beretta, Colt 1911, Baikal Margolin

9 mm- Makarov, Glock 17 and 19, Beretta 92, Jericho, Sig Sauer p226

357 Mag./38 Spcl.- Holek, Taurus, Ruger, Arminus

7,62mm – Tulski Tokarev ( TT)

12 cal. Gauge- Mossberg Maverick shotgun

  1. Legal norms:

-laws and regulations which are directly connected with the use and carrying of a handgun

  1. Medical training for first aid guidance when hurt from a handgun

Practical preparation

  1. Basic safety rules for your first shot with a handgun
  2. Rules for handling your gun, loading, cleaning and always maintaining it properly
  3. Shooting and training with our qualified instructors
  4. Ammunition for the training

.22 cal.

9x18 mm

9x19 mm

38 Special

357 Magnum

7,62x25 mm

12 cal.


The document which you obtain is for a lifetime and can’t be taken away

The course is held once a month. At the end of the course at a specific date which is selceted at the start of each month there is an exam. Officers from the Police Department are present and the exam is held in Bulgarian language. For people who are not familiar with Bulgarian language they need to come with an interpreter.

Price for the whole course is 250  Bulgarian leva

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