Shooting Range

Metalhim BG Ltd.

Shooting range and weapons complex in Sofia, Bulgaria
We have:
  • indoor shooting range with 25m shooting distance;
  • four corridors for shooting;
  • equipped ground for shooting from distance, close shooting and combat training 

In our shooting range you can find a wide arsenal of ammunition and weapons. All that is needed is for you to be 18 years old, have the passion and desire to experience something completely different from everyday routines. Our highly qualified personnel will teach and show all you need to know for your first shot or will help you develop your shooting skills. Either way they will devote all their skills and time towards you.

There are NO restrictions for foreigners. Everyone can come and experience the joy of shooting. You can make a reservation just click on the Book Form and tell us when you want to come. We can also make individual packages either for all the different calibers or just particular ones. We are at your disposal. 

The Consumption of Alcohol During or Prior to Shooting is Strictly Prohibited​.

You can arange with us your:
  • Bachelor party;
  • Team building



Sofia, Bulgaria
1330, street. Pchinia77 complex 31A
District Krasna Polyana
+359 89 33 40 321;
+359 89 33 40 322;
2 442 66 78;
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Our Weapons

           AK (Kalashnikov) Saiga, 9x19

gun1 Scorpion EVO 3, 9x19
  gun1 Scorpion CZ 91S, 7,65mm
Maverick by Mossberg  Maverick by Mossberg
Glock 17, gen 3 9x19 Glock 17, GEN 3, 9x19
gun1 Glock 19Х, 9x19
Glock-21-45-Auto_th  Glock 31, .357Sig
Glock-21-45-Auto_th  Glock 45, 9x19
Glock-21-45-Auto_th  Glock 17, GEN 4, 9x19
Glock-22-40-S&W_th  Glock 19, GEN 4, 9x19 
Glock-26-9x19_th  Glock 21, GEN 4, .45 AUTO
Glock-34-9x19_th  Glock 22, GEN 4, .40S&W
Glock-35-40-S&W_th  Glock 26, GEN 4, 9x19 
Glock-43-9x19_th  Glock 31, GEN 4, .357Sig
Glock-43-9x19_th  Glock 34, GEN 4, 9x19
Glock-43-9x19_th  Glock 35, GEN 4, .40S&W
Glock-43-9x19_th  Glock 43, 9x19
Glock-43-9x19_th  Glock 17, GEN 5, 9x19
Glock-43-9x19_th  Glock 19, GEN 5, 9x19
gun1 Baikal Markarov .380 Auto / 9x17
gun1Revolver Astra 9 mm
gun1 Revolver HWS 0,32 S&W long NP
gun1 CZ 92, 6.35 Browning
gun1 Jericho 941FB, 9mm
gun1 Jericho 941F 9mm
AP MBP AP MBP, 7,62 mm
gun1 Sig Sauer P226, 9x19
gun1 TT-33 Tokarev 7.62х25
gun1 Revolver RUGER Super Redhawk, .44 Magnum

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